A new stock exchange to rival the NASDAQ & NYSE

What do you guys think of Carta’s plans to rival the NASDAQ and NYSE?

Do you think crowdfunding platforms will eventually become stock exchanges?

My 2c - crowdfunding resembles how stock exchanges were formed. It wouldn’t surprise me if Seedrs adds in the bid / ask spread to their secondary market, and other crowdfunding platforms follow.



Could be possible… but it won’t happen overnight… but perhaps a complete “fresh” start and based on new technology (blockchain?) - it would be possible to create platform with lower prices…

Or perhaps NASDAQ or NYSE might eventually buy their platform to close down competition in the space… like FaceBook and Google has done…


I think it would be amazing if crowdfunding platforms became a bit more like stock exchanges. The secondary markets are great but the fact that the price is fixed doesn’t exactly make it too exciting. Would be more attractive to me if you were able to buy/sell like on a stock exchange.

I guess not all startups would be up for this setup as it could affect their valuations both negatively & positively with little control from their end. It’d certainly create even more excitement towards crowdfunding platforms though!

I think it’s always great to have more options but I can’t see the NYSE & Nasdaq disappearing as their founder mentioned! Companies like IEX tried to give it a go and failed so i’ll be watching with a keen interest to see how this plays out.

I agree with you @iskh, if they are able to make some waves I wouldn’t be surprised if the big guys come knocking with an offer.

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Agreed with you @iskh & @MitchKerr - it definitely won’t happen overnight. Interesting to see the impact on valuations when crowdfunding platforms add in the bid / ask spread - in general this should slow the valuation growth as private companies grow faster than public.

Interesting to see how this space changes!

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