Access to the Library via App?

Will I be able to view the learning material via the app? and can I mark it as complete once read?

The data insight of users reading and marking as complete would be useful to have.

Also a quick 3 question quiz, multiple choice… you can learn how useful the actual learning material is…

It might be worth highlighting the blogs or filtering options such as beginner / experienced trader etc.

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Hey, yes the learning material will be accessible within the app through the news tab. You’ll be able to toggle between the latest news articles and ‘The Library’ section for all our educational material.

You won’t be able to mark it as complete upon launch however this is a great idea to include. This section will be growing and adapting regularly as we gather feedback on what everyone loves and doesn’t love and also what topics people specifically want to learn more about.

We’re building this content out behind the scenes but i’ve attached some screenshots below of how this section looks/operates in the app as it stands right now.

Please be wary that we are still in development so there will be tweaks and changes in the launch version and obviously it’ll be displaying live news articles :slight_smile:

Love the idea of the quiz/multi choice tools, we’re working on more of a step by step structure at the moment which will have tasks like this throughout to test your knowledge and to ensure you’re learning along the way! :slight_smile:

Amazing to hear :slight_smile:

Having a weekly prize quiz might help users to just interact more with the app on a weekly basis and keep users returning back to the app…

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Great idea! Earn trading credits for learning :wink: