Airbnb IPO

Coming soon to an investing app near you :blush:


Can’t wait :wink: I love the story behind how Airbnb started - two guys that couldn’t pay their rent decided to rent out an air mattress in their apartment and serve breakfast - hence the same Air bed and breakfast (now Airbnb) :raised_hands::houses:


I didn’t realise that’s how it started, quite a cool story!

I’m quite excited for their IPO to be honest, it’s a company I use repeatedly while travelling around so would love to get in on the action :house::derelict_house::house_with_garden:

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Completely agree! They’ve really done well in competing with the hotel industry and helping people to better utilise their property assets. Most real estate agents don’t offer short term letting, so Airbnb’s model has opened up an additional revenue stream for landlords and renters alike - talk about empowerment! :raised_hands: :houses:

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Looks like they’ll do a direct listing.