Amazon is now in the alcohol game 🍻

Another step closer to taking over the world, Amazon has launched their own premium gin brand in the UK looking to take a large chunk of the market by undercutting competitors.

Amazon is a great company that provides a world of convenience to most of us but are you concerned with their growth and potential to monopolise industries we know and love?


More competition means better pricing for us the consumer, although if they continue to buy up the competition, in time, they’ll own whole segments of the market and will be able to set their own prices which most likely won’t be so cheap. A win for us now but perhaps not for later…


Good point @jharris_webky, although they’re up against some big competition! Will be an interesting one to watch either way.

There is a lot of growth in this market segment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, I do see more CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) in the non-alcoholic drinks especially for millenials (, but it’s great to see more companies providing popular products that require competitors to cut their prices in order to maintain their market share.

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I agree @AfonsoCasanova, the non-alcoholic market is certainly one to watch. Here in Lithuania there are literally aisle’s in the supermarket full of non-alcohol versions of the alcoholic drinks we know and love and the majority of them taste just as good!

Maybe not the wine though :wink: Just yet anyway…

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