App Activity Page Update

Have just been playing around with our new shrinkable activity page on the beta app which allows you more screen space to view your portfolio. Thought i’d share a quick video so everyone can see :relaxed:

Please excuse the video resolution and my beta portfolio performance! :sweat_smile::sob::face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Great to see these updates coming! Any idea on when we can get the beta in our hands to play with?

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I’ll make sure I share a few more over the next few weeks!

We’re still working on a few final features and will be holding some internal focus groups to test the app here in Vilnius over the next few months to make sure we have all the kinks ironed out :relaxed:

There’s quite a few eager to test so we are making sure everything is perfect before opening the gates :rocket:

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Great job. Strategy is commodity. Outstanding user experience (like Google, Amazon, Apple or Spotify) is art. I’m looking forward to the product

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Thanks @Calypso! Looking forward to launching :slight_smile:

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