Basic technical analysis features

Just wondering if you plan to add some features that will help with simple technical analysis (for people like me :slight_smile:) without having to open an external tool for that.
I’d love to see the following:

  • switching chart types between: line, bars, candles
  • switching chart to logarythmic or linear scale
  • having at least some simple indicators available: EMA, SMA, ATR, etc.
  • being able to show/hide trading volume chart wherever it’s available
  • add a chart of another stock as an overlay so it can serve as a benchmark or just a simple comparison to the stock you’re currently viewing

I suppose this isn’t crucial for the first app launch but it’s definitely something that would win over some traders using other apps that don’t have this.

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Thanks for sharing @bartosz.w and great suggestions!

You’ll have to watch this space for our more advanced features we’re planning :slight_smile: We need to keep some surprises up our sleeves :wink:

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