Battle of the 2019 IPOs - Which two IPOs do you think is the hottest investment?

  • Uber (Valuation $72 Billion)
  • Lyft (Valuation $15.2 Billion)
  • WeWork (Valuation $47 Billion)
  • Pinterest (Valuation $12.3 Billion)

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Close battle between Uber & WeWork!

Must admit Slack hasn’t been quite as exciting as I thought it’s IPO would have been. Did anyone invest in them from day 1? :slightly_smiling_face:

Their valuation was heavily based on future growth so time will tell if they can live up to their promises to see if the stock grows with them… Also huge competition from Microsoft…

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Very true! Although especially in the startup world it seems every new business adopts Slack without considering others! As you said, time will tell :wink: