Brokerage Wars & Features 🇺🇸 💡

So it’s been a big story in the news the past few weeks with many of the big brokerage houses in the USA :us: dropping their commissions to remain competitive in the market. In light of this, features will become the attraction for users now that cost is no longer a deciding factor!

Charles Schwab has been the first of the big boys out of the gate, presenting fractional investing to all their users.

In light of this… :bulb: I have a question for you! Is fractional investing something you must have from your trading app or do you prefer owning whole shares? :thinking:

  • Fractional investing is a must for me.
  • I’d like to buy fractional shares but it’s not vital.
  • Nah, I don’t fraction :wink: Whole shares for me!
  • I don’t know what fractional shares are :frowning:

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It’s great to see larger brokerage firms reducing their fees. When an industry goes to zero on price, the competition between brokerage firms will no longer be on price but on value - a great step in the right direction for an industry that’s needed changing for a long time! Consumers will finally get the value they need to build wealth without their returns being diluted by high fees.

I like fractional to get exposure to more expensive stocks but I mainly use it as a way to realise some profits without selling out of my position in some stocks. :money_with_wings:

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