Classic Car Stock Exchange 🚗

This ones never going to be for everyone but being a car fanatic, this is something that’s quite exciting to me! Would you or do you? invest in classic cars?

Perhaps give Rally a look! They have an interesting slogan… The investments of the rich, now available to all! :joy:


I always avoided investing in car companies just because of the low margins and very high costs of production but this seems a very interesting service. No doubt that classic cars tell a different story.


It’s picking the car that will become a classic that is the hard part!

I’m wondering who pays for servicing and maintenance of the cars with this platform as with some of them the maintenance would far outweigh the returns being shown…

There would be less wear and tear if the car is kept in a controlled environment, and the engine is kept ticking over.

The market for nostalgia is huge, just look at sale prices for old Aston Martins. They know this and have played on it with the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Continuation.

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That’s very true, although I wonder how many of these car syndicates could afford an Aston DB4 in their books!

Would have loved one of those continuations! I wonder if any other companies will play in that arena in the future. I’d say Ferrari definitely not as they’re very traditional whereas Aston had a tough spell for a few years and needed to bring in some capital.

Same here, even though it’s 6 million for the set, and it’s not even road legal in the UK :see_no_evil:

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Haha :joy: The joys of being a car lover. Only other car fanatics would understand!

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Interesting article and agreed with @AfonsoCasanova on the low margins and very high cost of production of car companies.

This is a really interesting service. Rare cars can provide great returns, exceeding ROIs on the stock market and property. It’s a really interesting asset class, as typically cars are depreciating assets. There are some other interesting collectible asset classes like wine and art. I’m sure in time, we’ll see more of these types of services in the collectible asset space.

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