Complex T&C's 🤓

About time! :raised_hands: A new SEC rule in the US requires brokers and financial advisers to describe their services, fees and conflicts of interest in “plain English” and a maximum of four pages. - A great step in the right direction to improve the transparency in this industry!

Do you read T&C’s? Would you if they were shorter or if they had pictures - like infographics? Let us know below! :point_down:

  • I love reading, so I read T&C’s
  • T&C’s aren’t for me - I don’t read them
  • I’d read the T&C’s if they were shorter
  • I’d read the T&C’s if they were easier to understand
  • Show me some pictures - I don’t like reading

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Great to see the industry changing to suit everyone and not just experienced investors! :clap:

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