COVID-19 and trading

Anybody doing extra trading during these hectic times?


Just posted a poll on our twitter page about exactly this! Good timing :wink:


Not a lot of votes but 58% sees it as an opportunity and I agree.

One stock that made a crazy jump:

In the Netherlands I doubled down on Aegon when it was at 1.65. Mainly because they pay out dividend and are a stable stock.

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@Ves Still getting the Twitter community going :wink: after launch we should see some more engagement!

Wow, a few people made some money on Blue Apron Holdings Inc.! Quite a rare sight on the markets this week.

Nice bet on Aegon too, up over 9% today! I know @HarshP is preparing a newsletter which will be going out tomorrow on how to invest in the current market.

I think it’s a great opportunity as you said but I would always suggest to diversify to protect your risk!

Yep, to the extent you might find it helpful, I will lay out in broad terms what we think is a sensible way to approach the markets. A lot of it is to do with psychology right now - 58% said they would invest but that leaves another 42% with a fragile / bearish mindset - I wouldn’t be surprised if thats somewhat representative of many investors out there more broadly. Quality single stocks with a limited allocation as a % of your portfolio to reflect the uncertainty makes sense, and the rest in a mix of cash and diversified funds at the moment. This is a long road and it feels like we’re still in the first half of our journey…I currently expect a U shaped, gradual recovery with potential stutters along the way for the rest of this year - especially if we return to social distancing measures next winter. Confidence in markets is fragile for this reason but if you’re in it for the long term, some quality names like Aegon with most of their exposure in the life insurance business could make good sense 2-5 years from now - depending on how severe this pandemic gets in terms of actual loss of life (which I guess we are all hoping is not too severe).

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This exactly. I’m able to cement myself into some companies at the fraction of the price they were 3 months ago. While still continuing with the month by month trading to keep things diverse.


How is the Evarvest Team coping in the current corono climate? Has it impacted operations? When should we expect the app to launch in the UK. With markets dropping around 30% I know many people are eager to utilise this opportunity to begin investing and Evarvest could benefit from these users.


P.s I’m missing the quizzes and competitions :frowning:

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i’m curious too

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Hey @ziatrader, Hope you’re keeping safe and all is ok on your end!

Luckily for us, our team are predominantly remote workers anyway so the shift to us working from home has not affected us at all! We now have 15 in the team spread across 5 countries so apart from a few changes to local life for some of us, how we work as a team has not been affected.

So far we haven’t seen any reason to expect further delays, we’ve been in direct communication with the regulators and our partners and all are up and running remotely already so all is still full steam ahead :slight_smile: I can’t share an exact launch date for the UK yet but we should have an update on the front within the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

It’s a stressful time for many in life, especially us interested in investing! but I totally agree with you. With every downturn comes an opportunity, so we’re very focused at the moment on making sure we have a launch ready prior to the market recovery to ensure our users have the opportunity to reap the rewards. There’s a lot of unknown on how long the virus and change of lives will all last but if you look at every market downturn in history, the stock markets always recover and they recover to levels above the downfall! Just make sure you’re careful at the moment as some listed companies will do it tough and may not survive this, so be sure to spread the risk until then!

Glad to hear you liked our quizzes and competition! We received more positive feedback around Harsh’s newsletters and people wanting more informative stuff over the playful quizzes but I’ll bring it up with the team and perhaps we give them another go while most of the world will be looking for things to do inside for quite a while :slight_smile:


My stock pick is

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Good Pick! Always liked Abbott Laboratories

Looking back, it’s been a good few months. Which some stocks I stepped in too late looking back. With others I got in at the right time.

One thing I’ve noticed is that opportunities have been the biggest on the US markets.
Other markets are moving slower. With those I’ve focused on the companies that paid out dividends and have been stable.

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I guess US stocks are the most accessible at the moment for less cost so they’re going to be the go to for investments for some time. I know there is twice as much Apple stock traded daily than there is on the entire ASX (I am an Aussie so follow it closely :wink: ). I know most of the cheaper retail platforms see more than 50% of investment flow into US markets, if not more.

From my perspective this also comes down to the media, there is far more publicity around US listed companies than elsewhere in the world so the access to information is more accessible. Also, apart from a few players, access to the UK, EU and Asian markets is still so expensive compared to the commission free options in the US. If i’m having a dabble into some smaller investments during this time, it’s hard to swallow £15 to buy and then another £15 to sell if i’m only putting a few hundred into each investment. You need some sizeable returns there to even make it worth your while!