Do you have a referral system?

We’ve launched a new website which now includes an official waitlist!

Enter your email on our homepage ( to join or if you’re already signed up, enter your email address again to find out your place in the queue!

From here you’ll receive your own unique sharing codes to refer your friends which will help you skyrocket towards the number 1 spot on the waitlist!

Long term thoughts on your referral system? after waiting list is over…

What mechanism do you think works well with low cost?

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Hey Vekariya17!

That’s a great question!

We have a couple of ideas we’re presently working on however this is all a little hush hush at the moment until we launch the app :slight_smile: What we’re thinking will make it worthwhile sharing with your friends though!

So we can be sure we’re on the right track, what sort of referral incentives would you like to see in the app? :muscle:

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I feel like I’ve missed out referring all my mates to other apps I use, only for them to release some kind of incentive afterwards. So would be great to get this setup quickly after release.

I do like the idea that others have, giving out a random stock to the referrer and referee. Guess it depends on what you’re planning to offer in the future too, for example if there is a Pro plan, maybe for each referral you get a week/month of that.


We’ll definitely have this ready to launch in line with the app’s release as we want to ensure our first users are rewarded for sharing from day 1 :slight_smile:

We can’t release the exact details just yet however we will release all the details before the app launches in the coming months.

They’ll definitely make it worth your while to share though :rocket: