Drip and fractional shares?

Will the app have a DRIP (dividend reinvesment program) that automatically reinvests dividends into buying more dividend paying stocks (fractions of it!) that you already own?

Also, am i automatically entered on the waiting list by having created an account?

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Hey @ernest9637,

We’ve decided to keep the community separate from the waitlist so you’re able to join, read and chat even if you’re not quite ready to check out the app yet :slight_smile: If you’d like to join the waitlist feel free to Private Message me and i’ll put you on there or you’re also welcome to signup at our website here.

In terms of DRIP, it’s certainly something we’re looking into at the moment as we’ve had a few requests for the same! However we wouldn’t be able to offer such a service until we’ve activated fractional investing in case your dividend payment does not cover the full price of 1 share :wink: Watch this space though! :rocket: We’ll release more information closer to our launch.

Is this mean that I will not be able to buy less than 1 share? 1/10 or 1/20 of share will not be possible?

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Hey @Evir, We’ll be launching fractional shares early next year after our launch so long story short, upon launch you will only be able to buy full shares, however very shortly after we’ll be launching our fractional program so you’re also able to purchase any fraction of a share too :blush:

We know it’s a feature you guys would love to have so it’s a priority for us too.