Evarvest in Croatia?

I just want to know if Evarvest will be available in Croatia.Beacuse we don’t have good aps and fees are soo high.

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Hey @uzelac123, welcome to the community!

Croatia is definitely on our roadmap for the future, our CTO @Igor is originally from there so we have to keep him happy :wink:

In saying that, we have a few countries on the list beforehand so I wouldn’t expect to launch in Croatia until late 2020/2021 at this stage.

We have a Croatia waitlist, if you’d like to private message me your email i’d happily put you on there :slight_smile: so you’re notified of any updates in that market!

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Done thanks @uzelac123 :slight_smile: Feel free to edit your original post and remove your email if you like.

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