Evarvest Investment Library - Our Launch Stocks!

Hello, are you planning to add options trading? Thanks.

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Hi @GeiaHara, We don’t have plans to add in options trading at this stage. It’s a consideration for the future as we’ve had a few questions around this but we wouldn’t be able to confirm anything for quite some time.

Welcome to the community by the way! :wink: Great to have you on board! :rocket:

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VF Corp and LVMH stocks. 16 year olds’ opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very impressive you’re getting into investing at 16 @TadasGudauskad! Most of the world could learn from you! :rocket:

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Hi can you add global x China health care etf[quote=“MitchKerr, post:1, topic:260, full:true”]
Hey Everyone,

I’ve been pretty excited to share this one but here it is :grinning:

Our entire library of stocks & ETFs that will be available on Evarvest upon launch :rocket:

Check out the full library here:


If there’s anything missing that you’d really like access to please let us know here in the community and we’ll work on having it available by our launch.

Would love to hear your feedback regardless!

Happy Investing :muscle:

Hi can you add global x China health care etf pls

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Hi can you add kraneshares China health etf pls

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Sure, I’ll keep you posted! Welcome to the community also! :smiley:

Interesting to get Evarvest’s take on those 2 requested ETFs.

On the face of it both US ETFs - so unlikely to be sellable to European citizens.

Yet both have bothered to get a “listing” on the Berlin Open Market. I use quote marks as I suspect it’s not truly a listing. The Open Market seems to be less regulated.

Either way I can not find a KIID document. So no current way of selling to European citizens.

So why did they bother to get the Berlin “listing”? Any insight? Surely it should be to sell into Europe? But yet no KIID?

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Hey @DataNerd,

I obviously couldn’t comment on why they’ve listed on the Berlin market with no KIID document offered, my only thought is perhaps they’re targeting sophisticated investors only in the EU who are potentially allowed to purchase such ETFs that do not provide a KIID document under the PRIIPS regulations.

Perhaps @HarshP knows or could comment on this one? I know he’s quite knowledgeable on the EU markets.

Yep that’s right - many of the funds listed across European exchanges are there for the use of institutional investors (and therefore need to meet MIFID 2 and other EC imposed requirements, but importantly for this conversation, not PRIIPS).

PRIIPS / KID requirements only apply to retail investors, and while the term retail is afforded a broad definition, it doesn’t include certified institutional investors.

If these internationally managed funds don’t provide a KID, from an Evarvest point of view they cannot be made available for investment to any customers across the EU.


Thanks for clarifying @HarshP, thought this might be the case as there seems to be a fair few EU listed ETFs that don’t provide a KID document. I know some platforms are able to open these investment opportunities up to sophisticated investors in the EU. We won’t upon launch but hopefully we’ll be able to in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Guys. Makes sense.

So another nerdy question if I may :

Am I correct in thinking there could also be an argument that anyone (retail or otherwise) could buy these type of funds (listed but no KID) into a pension/SIPP as technically and legally the pension is the “owner”/“buyer” of the asset and not the underlying retail investor?

Is that a grey area and a quirk or am I anywhere near correct on that?


Not one I could answer unfortunately! Haven’t delved into the world of Pensions just yet… It all operates differently in Australia where my pension is based :slight_smile: No EU regulations there!

@HarshP may know, otherwise it’s one for your accountant/solicitor to confirm for you.

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This one is more of a grey area, as you say!

The definition of PRIIPs excludes pension products so by that line of reasoning you could buy products which didn’t meet PRIIPs requirements for the purpose of adding them to a pension pot.

That said, while the legality allows for this, the question around suitability and appropriateness remains for anyone thinking about marketing these products broadly. I’d say this question needs more compliance-level diligencing, and my instinct would be to err on the side of caution here.


Hi there when are you hoping to launch in the U.K.? Thanks

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Hey @Cherique16, we’ll be giving a full update on the licensing procedure and upcoming launch in our Webinar on the 29th October :slight_smile:

You can register to join us here - Webinar - Evarvest Launch Update 🚀

If you’re unable to make it, please do register and you’ll receive the recording with all the details afterwards!

Hey, are you going to include access to Georgian Stock Exchange anytime soon? Georgia has a really high index of ease of doing business and it’s still a developing country so there may be a plenty of business and investment opportunities on that market.

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Hey @bartosz.w, that’s an interesting suggestion! It’s not one we’ve looking into at this stage but happy to look into it for the future. The next exchanges we add are going to be in Asia, Australia, Canada and South Africa as we’re already connected to them. I’ll investigate our options for Georgia to see if it’s an option, I know there are a few Georgian’s here in Lithuania who may be interested in accessing their native markets. It’s usually access to the data that proves difficult with the smaller exchanges.

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Looks impressive. Are you planning on having Baltic stocks too?

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We are :blush: we’re working with our partners at the moment to make this happen. It won’t be ready for launch but it’s certainly on the roadmap for the future.