Evarvest Investment Library - Our Launch Stocks!

And welcome to the community :wave: @Simon and @Damian_Ka

Hi @SilvereX, We’ve been able to confirm access to the above 3 ETFs however at this stage we won’t be able to access SPPW SPDR MSCI World UCITS ETF. We’ll keep working on it :wink:

Alright, good to know. Now I am waiting for the beta invite :slight_smile:

Any chance of adding LU0533032347? Lyxor MSCI World Consumer Staples TR UCITS ETF - C-USD (GBP)
or in Euros/CHF

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I’ll add it to the list @Dird and keep you updated! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any chance of adding Monster Beverage Corp?


Sure @mjk97! I’ll keep you updated shortly :relaxed:

Hey @mjk97, A quick update on this one as it’s already in the app as I’ve just checked for you. (screenshot below :grinning:)

We’re adding stocks each month so we’ll provide a full up to date list shortly before we launch :rocket:


Great. Thank you!

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Vanguard has launched several new accumulating ETFs in Europe this summer:



It would be good if you could include them too, especially IE00BK5BQT80 FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (USD) Acc; IE00BG47KH54 Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF EUR Hedged Acc

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Thanks for sharing @SilvereX, I’ll send off the requests for access :slight_smile:

Checking the database I can see that IE00BK5BQT80 FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (USD) on the LSE has already been added in the past fortnight so that will be available.

Will work on the others for you!

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It would be good to have that one on Xetra too, as LSE only trades in GBP and USD.
Speaking of which - will we be able to choose currency/exchange for transactions?

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Yes I saw in the article that it’s listed on the Xetra too, am investigating for you :slight_smile:

Upon launch your account will be in the currency of the country you’re registered in so if you’re country uses Euros then your account will remain in Euros and the FX will occur behind the scenes when placing trades.

We are working behind the scenes on multi-currency accounts but we won’t be ready to release this feature until later in 2020. :rocket:

Thanks. So will I be able to, say, choose to buy in euro-currency exchanges only (or a specific exchange), to avoid FX completely?

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Since my biggest complaint about Freetrade is the lack of investment options… boom… you guys are winning!!!

So…when are you launching? ‘Second half of 2019’ is already here!!! Any more specifics? I just can’t wait!!!


That’s right @SilvereX :slight_smile: If you’re account is in Euros there will be no FX fee for stocks also in Euros.

You’ll only pay FX if you’re buying in a different currency to your account.

Thanks @DataNerd, glad to hear you’re liking what we’ve built!

We’re still finalising the licences on our end and finalising some of the ‘boring’ but very important compliance aspects of the app.

As soon as we’re ready to go, you’ll know! slight_smile:

It would be great to have Cambria ETFs on the list: https://www.cambriafunds.com/etfs

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Will investors have access to Moscow stock exchange?

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Thanks for sharing @bartosz.w, I haven’t heard of these before. Do you know if they’re listed on any exchanges outside of the USA? Unless they provide a KID document we wouldn’t be able to offer such an ETF to EU residents. :frowning: