Facebook and your Brain

How does this one make you feel? Facebook acquiring CTRL-labs who develop software so that you can control computers with your brain… :exploding_head:

I’m not so sure I want Facebook that closely aligned with my mind. What are your thoughts?

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Interesting purchase.

Off topic but still related to Facebook. I’ve seen a few other apps ( including investing ones ) use Facebook Analytics. Will Evarvest use Facebook Analytics?


Hey @saf, we were using a small part of Facebook Analytics previously for testing purposes however for our launch we’ve decided to switch to a company called Mixpanel for our Analytics.

It’s a little more suited to our setup and they’ve been great at helping us achieve our analytical goals as a startup :relaxed:


Mixpanel is great for visualisation of app usage… Really helpful from s product management perspective of understanding pain points/feature adoption for a user etc…


This is a really interesting one. The two sides I see are:

If you’re choosing a movie on Netflix, as an example, you kind of wish the recommendations were more closing aligned with your mind. :brain:

But it’s how Facebook will use the data they will gain from users that control computers with their brain - and that could go either way :exploding_head::smile:

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I agree @Afreeb, I think it’s probably the best analytics tool available at the moment for a fintech product. Quite a user friendly experience from our side too!

I agree @StephBrennan! Giving Facebook access to my mind and thoughts is a major concern for me but I guess this is the way the world is going.

Likewise there would be some amazing use cases for such a product, it’d make like very convenient… although make us even more lazy!

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