Financial/investment bloggers everyone should know

Continuing the thread on financial education in different countries, which was started by @StephBrennan I wanted to ask you about your favourite financial bloggers - have you got any? Who are they? What did they teach you? Are there any financial/investment websites you would suggest to follow?

Personally, I must say that when I started to get interested in the financial sector I read the whole internet :wink: to find out some trustworthy advice on how to manage my finance and how to invest. :wink: This way I found three great financial blogs run in Polish. These were:

  • Finanse bardzo osobiste by Marcin Iwuć - definitely my number 1 with great podcasts (unfortunately only in Polish :frowning: ) Marcin Iwuć tought me how to save & invest without resigning from simple pleasures :slight_smile:

  • Subiektywnie o finansach by Maciej Samcik, one of the best known Polish economic journalists - this blog includes a vast amount of interesting information on finance and banking-related issues. Must-read for anybody who cares about his own financial future.

  • by Michał Szafrański - good texts, great podcasts and a number of useful templates, including the ‘budget template’ - check it out if you like to have your finance well organised!


I think I had read the whole Internet, too :slight_smile: I’ll post some of my favorite reads, which helped shape my mindset, in the order of discovery.

Mr. Money Mustache. I vaguely remember the “awakening moment” when I read one of his posts. I was still an university student, and it shaped my long term life plan. I knew it then that the only goal worth pursuing is financial independence.

Very important book to read. I had read it before making any investments.

Naval Ravikant, with his “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)”.

“5 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire - Grant Cardone Trains His Sales Team LIVE”. This one’s for watching. Another interesting perspective on money and investments, good to help set goals :slight_smile:

Ben Hunt, with his “Epsilon Theory”. I have recently discovered him as LinkedIn suggestion, and then binge read maybe 10 of his long-form posts, couldn’t stop myself. Still have some tabs open, waiting for me to get to them. The below link is a good start, and then I had just followed the hyperlinks and opened more and more tabs. He often talks about the “common knowledge game” which is a concept which when you once grasp, you’ll look at the world with completely different eyes.

Millionaire interviews. I had read a few, quite interesting.


Thank you @m! The only thing I’ve heard about from your list was ‘The Intelligent Investor’ book - I think it was recommended by Marcin Iwuć :slight_smile:
I will certainly take a look at Mr. Money Mustache blog and will check other stuff that you’ve mentioned :+1: It’s never too late to learn something new about finance and investing :wink:


Looks like I have plenty of reading to do this weekend! :wink:

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@Magda @m thanks for sharing! :raised_hands: Very comprehensive @m!

There’s a couple of podcast I like on Spotify.

The Australian Finance Podcast

Forex Q&A

When I first started, I also liked reading the Definitions page of a prospectus because it gives you a little insight into what the terms mean. This is actually a great prospectus to read about ASX listed company Hearts and Minds Investments (HM1) which is an LIC (Listed Investment Company) that donates what they would earn in investment fees to medical research charities every 6 months, and the Definitions are on page 80 :wink:

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Thanks everyone for sharing! We’re building a nice list of blogs and podcasts here. Here are my propositions.

The Meb Faber Show

Invest Like the Best

Radical Personal Finance

Update: I’ve added one more podcast.


I was once a member of Motley Fool. I learnt from them about

I think thats why now I’m invested in Evarvest…


Thanks @bartosz.w & @Calypso! I certainly have plenty of podcasts to keep me busy during the office commute!

Thanks @Calypso too for investing in the journey! It really means a lot :relaxed:

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@bartosz.w thanks for sharing! :raised_hands:

@Calypso thanks for sharing :raised_hands:

And thank you for backing our crowdfunding round. It’s great to have you as part of our ‘unofficial board’, shaping the future of investing!

Also great to see another investor join our community page :wave:

From Motley Fool I learnt (amongst other things) about Rule Breaker and that investing should be fun. As I have already fun it is up to me to say thank you.


@Calypso Thank you, that’s really great to hear! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A nice read @Calypso! Nice to put it in the perspective of someone like Steve Jobs who in the business world was a superstar. As per your previous post, money is nice but happiness is everything :relaxed:

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Wow! I was out of the city the last few days and it seems that much has skipped me! A lot of reading in the coming days :smiley: Thanks everyone for sharing!

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Which service did you use with them? And in which country? How did you find it?

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Well … that was a long time ago, but obviously the service still exists. I got (paid) tips from the RuleBreaker portfolio and bought the recommended stock through my online bank in Switzerland. So I have more or less modeled their portfolio. They convinced me, because the Fools invest their own money (Skin in the Game). And they show transparently that they beat the index.


How long did you use their service? What about the ROI?

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@Calypso thanks for sharing, I completely agree that ‘skin in the game’ and transparency gives a lot more confidence to what you’re investing in!

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I blog myself (mostly in Lithuanian though), feel free to check it out. :slight_smile:

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