Financial News Sources

The Finance world is constantly moving and shaking! :dancer:

Where do you source your financial knowledge from? Websites, Press, Books, TV? :thinking:


@MitchKerr great question!

I use a combination of websites, press, books, prospectus’ and podcasts, although there are some great finance related movies I’ve also watched. :tv:

Top 3 books:
‘The Little Book That Beats The Market’ by Joel Greenblatt
‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham
‘Principles’ by Ray Dalio

Top 2 Podcasts
The Australian Finance Podcast
Forex Q&A

A great prospectus to read - the definitions page of a prospectus gives you a little insight into what the terms mean. Definitions are on page 80 :wink:

Top website:

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Thanks for sharing @StephBrennan! Some great sources of knowledge there.

I think the definitions on page 80 will be a great help for new investments, makes common investing jargon very simple to understand.

I also enjoy reading CNN most days to find out the latest investment & business news, although I do like Markets Insider too as well as the Financial Times in the UK and the Financial Review in Australia.

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