How does Evarvest make money?

We’re doing everything we can to keep our costs as low as possible for our users, we do need to make some revenue to ensure our app remains secure, fast and updated with the latest investment opportunities! :wink:

The 3 main revenue streams for Evarvest are:

*There will be a small margin placed on the Foreign Exchange costs at the time of a trade, when purchasing stock in a currency different to your home currency.

*There will be a small cost for placing a trade instantly, so you can secure the market price at the time. Commission-free trades will be placed in bulk at a predetermined time each day to keep our costs down (this will ensure we can provide you commission-free trading for life :sunglasses: )

*There will be a small commission for trading on stock markets outside of the USA to also cover the costs we pay to access these markets for you.

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