How will we help with investment education?

Education is key to our journey with Evarvest. We feel investment education is left out of schools and universities in virtually every country across the globe. Our aim is to provide our users with the learning tools they need to become wise and experienced investors so that their futures are financially secure.

To do this we’ll have the following features for our users:

  • We’ll have a live curated news feed just for you within the app that will display the latest news on the stocks you own, the stocks you’re watching and general news of stocks you may not have considered looking at to ensure you’re up to date on the next great opportunity.

  • You’ll have direct access to ‘The Library’ from the Evarvest app or website. ‘The Library’ is our educational resource for all things investing. You’ll be able to find jargon free summaries of investment terms in ‘The Dictionary’, we’ll have a special series of articles called ‘The Watchlist’ recapping the latest investment opportunities on the market plus you’ll have access to our ‘Traders Guide’ which will help you make sense of how trading works in practise, such as how trading volumes, interest rate changes and different market cycles affect your investments.

  • The Evarvest Community - Learn from each other in our community (nice to see you’re already here :smile: ). Here we want you to ask whatever investing questions your heart desires, we’ll do our best to get back to every question and we hope other community members will also jump in if they know the answers. Let’s make investing community driven and help the next generation of investors together!