ID Verification


What is the Identity verification and proof of address process?
Will we be able to choose between national id, driving licence and passport?

Few investing apps accept national id or driving license + tax identification number and others only passport.

I’m from a European country(greece) but I work and live in Poland. As European I don’t need passport to travel work and live in other European country.
I don’t understand why national ID(greek) and PESEL(polish tax number) is not enough for trade-invest companies when for all banks is enough to open you account.
Maybe is just easier for them when you provide passport.

Please separate also the process steps so it will be easier for users to understand which document is not valid in case you reject it and don’t sent just one general auto email-notification.(ex. Trading212).

Thank you!!


Hey @JD, welcome to the community!

Our onboarding process will be super simple and as pain free as possible. We’ve spent a great deal of time planning this out to ensure the user experience is as clean as possible while also ensuring we adhere to the regulations we must follow under our license.

In terms of the documents we’ll accept we will allow National ID’s or Passports. We don’t plan to allow Driver’s License at this time but we may assess in the future.

Being from Greece and living in Poland will be totally fine as we’ll onboard you as a resident of Poland. You’ll either need a Polish national ID or residency permit, we’ll also request your tax identification number.

One of the first questions upon onboarding will be your residency country followed by the document you’d like to upload so you’ll know early on whether the ID you have is appropriate or not.

Hope this helps and would love any feedback on the above to hear if that works for you :slight_smile: