Investing in McDonald's

It’s one of those companies that people love to hate but regardless of your opinion on them, they’ve provided a healthy return of around 500% to investors over the past 10 years :hamburger:

People need their burgers obviously! :facepunch:

Is there a food related stock you have on your watchlist for future growth? :poultry_leg::cut_of_meat::croissant::hotdog::taco:

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Beyond Meat is for sure on my watchlist! :hamburger:

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The power of an analyst… McDonald’s slides today after JP Morgan analysts say they aren’t overly impressed with McDonald’s earning reports.

Could be a good company to watch though as it’s inevitable that they include a Meat Free burger in the USA which will most likely see a share price surge after looking at competitors who’ve made similar moves in the market.

One to add to the watchlist :wink:

AmRest Holdings (WSE: EAT) is definitely something worth watching. It has interesting history - they started in Wrocław almost 30 years ago and they recently moved their HQ from Wrocław (Poland) to Madrid. They are the largest independent chain restaurant operator in Europe and their stock had significant gains over the past few years.
It may be too late to jump on the train now but it’s woth adding to the watchlist.


Adding this one to my watchlist @bartosz.w! I haven’t actually heard of them myself but know all of their brands.