Investing in McDonald's

It’s one of those companies that people love to hate but regardless of your opinion on them, they’ve provided a healthy return of around 500% to investors over the past 10 years :hamburger:

People need their burgers obviously! :facepunch:

Is there a food related stock you have on your watchlist for future growth? :poultry_leg::cut_of_meat::croissant::hotdog::taco:

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Beyond Meat is for sure on my watchlist! :hamburger:

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The power of an analyst… McDonald’s slides today after JP Morgan analysts say they aren’t overly impressed with McDonald’s earning reports.

Could be a good company to watch though as it’s inevitable that they include a Meat Free burger in the USA which will most likely see a share price surge after looking at competitors who’ve made similar moves in the market.

One to add to the watchlist :wink: