McDonalds & Beyond Meat

McDonalds loses a CEO but could provide a boost to Beyond Meat with a full scale partnership.

Beyond Meat has been called overvalued for quite some time yet they haven’t yet partnered on a mass scale with the worlds largest fast food chain, McDonalds. They’re currently testing in Canada, but nothing global has been confirmed as yet.

Would you bet on Beyond Meat & McDonalds banding together? They seem to be in bed with almost every other fast food chain already… :bed:

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It would make sense for McDonald’s to partner with Beyond Meat since they could diversify their range of products and reach a new consumer target, which they hardly do so. Beyond Meat would be a clear winner in this potential partnership, just by leveraging McDonald’s global chain for distributing their products.
It would also be amazing for Beyond Meat since everyone would have a chance to taste the Beyond Meat burgers without searching for wholesale and that could spark more interest from an unknown consumer audience.

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Totally agree, I personally think it’s only a matter of time before this partnership is announced. It has big positives for both companies and realistically (from what I hear) there is no meat substitute out there that matches the taste of meat quite like beyond meat does. :cow2:

Still haven’t had the opportunity to taste it myself yet though… no resellers here in Lithuania yet :slight_smile:

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