O2 & Virgin Media

This is going to be interesting…

Now just need regulatory clearance.


Interesting to see Telefonica stock dropping on this news? I don’t know a lot about telecom if i’m honest, personally I don’t think any of them really excel at anything… especially customer service :wink: Will be interesting to see what deals come out of this for the consumer. I’m with Vodafone UK now and my phone bill now is about as cheap as I could hope to pay.

@vekariya17 interesting news! Where do you think the Telecom industry is heading?

@MitchKerr yeah I tend to agree. Telecom hasn’t been a focal point for me either and it’s definitely an industry that I believe FB is well positioned to move into with most communication done via FB, Insta and / or WhatsApp. As a consumer I’m pretty happy with Vodafone UK and their plans comparative to Telecoms in the UK, Australia, Lithuania.

Interested to see how this merger plays out! :popcorn:

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If you got a discount for having all your services with the same provider would you switch?

O2 have O2 refresh which is completely unique to them compared to other networks - where essentially you have a credit agreement for the Device (CCA) and an Airtime agreement. So once you have payed of the loan for the device you only pay for the tariff element to the contract.

They offer something called o2 extra, for example Disney+ when you take certain tariffs on certain devices.


Quad Play - Home broadband, Home telephone, Mobile Network and Television.

Data usage will increase with 5G and how much possibility it can bring.


@vekariya17 thanks!

Re the discount question. Short answer no, but mostly because I don’t watch tv, only netflix :wink: I have a near unlimited package, so no real need for home internet and Vodafone gives me the best international call package and ability to use my phone back in Australia and other parts of the word for a small daily cost (for when wifi isn’t available). For music, I only use Spotify. So my costs for these services combined are low - I’m a big believe in minimising expenses, giving me more ability to invest and follow my passions (like Evarvest :wink:)

With the loan for the device, I have really mixed views on this. Often it works out cheaper to buy the phone upfront than it is to pay it over time, so I opt for buying the phone separately - I’m still on the iPhone 7, so things may have changed in this space :joy:.

But I’m also very credit adverse, unless it’s obtaining a mortgage. The rate at which credit card use is declining amongst younger generations, shows the consumer shift away from credit.

But in saying that, I think services like Klarna, AfterPay and loans on devices will continue and have definitely grown significantly. So investment wise, it’s an interesting space. I know AfterPay (ASX listed) has grown by over 100% in the last 5 years. But, I’m skeptical on the Telecom industry and where it can go, so I’d rather watch this space from the sidelines :popcorn: