One thing that encourages you to invest in a given company? 📈💸

Let’s get a discussion going, perhaps we’ll learn a thing or two :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you were to choose one thing that encourages you to invest in a given company, what would it be?

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When looking into picking any stock i will always try their product/service first, it’s a rule i have for investing, i wanna know why the market should give that product any value. For example, for buying AMD stock i would have to first buy and test their Ryzen processors to see why they could make the difference and be a competitor to Intel.


Thanks for sharing @AfonsoCasanova I think this is a good idea, I often follow the same thought that if I’m not going to use a product or don’t see the value in it will the rest of the world really catch on?

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Before deciding on a stock I tend to first do some research on that industry if I’m not fully informed. I then tend to look at the price and valuation. I do this by looking P/E of the company and comparing it to the industry average. I then tend to look at the financial health of the company by analyzing their long term paying ability, Profitability and market ratios.


@MitchKerr great question!

There’s a two key things that encourage me to invest in a company, the first is where is the world is going? Where is the market/industry headed? And is this company going in the same direction and are they at the fore front of the industry/market shift? :rocket:

The second is branding. A great product is important, of course, but you also have to be able to brand that product in a way that it resonates with consumers and talent, so they want to buy your product and be part of your brand. Apple :green_apple::iphone: is a great example of how good branding is a key component in driving a companies success.