Is there a video somewhere to understand how playlists are supposed to work, how does the UX look like? Is it like one-click investment into multiple stocks?

Why not take that further, and enable custom playlists and semi-automatic re-balancing. Imagine the user has a portfolio of:

  1. Playlist 1
  2. Playlist 2
  3. Stock 1
  4. Stock 2

Now, playlist 1 could consist of any number of stocks, which would be seen when expanded. Stock 1 could repeat inside Playlist 1, too. If an user would want to see total holdings in Stock 1, he’d have to go to another view where investments aren’t grouped by playlist and all stocks are displayed instead.

In that “all stock” view, a stock holding could be expanded where individual positions would be sorted by date, and next to them displayed if the holding belongs to a playlist or is independent.

Playlists could be defined by target % of each constituent stock. User could change his holdings in multiple ways:

  1. buy (by target % / by actual %) - splits the total newly invested amount into separate stocks according to the target or actual proportions. This generates a list of trades and user checks and confirms them before executing, and is given the chance to tweak them (market/limit) and execute in arbitrary sequence with the click of a button next to each trade.
  2. sell (by target % / by actual %) - sells some amount taking proportionate amounts from each stock holding
  3. manual - buy or sell individual stocks
  4. re-balance - generate trade list which would transform the actual % into target %, as close as possible.

Thoughts? I guess low fees and fractions would enable this. One could even make a playlist to copy some index ETF allocation, and mirror their investments instead of buying directly into the ETF.


@m thanks for sharing! Great idea - we’re working on similar in the background :wink:

Here’s a link to our youtube with a flash back on how our playlists look now from a UX perspective - we’re working on building this out with more capabilities as we grow.

In terms of re-balancing, there’s a few compliance hurdles which we’ve looked into, so our focus for now is on self directed re-balancing rather than automatic but it’s on our roadmap to make our app as supportive to investors as possible.


Great to know Steph! I thought automatic wouldn’t be permitted, and my thinking was more like: automated creation of multiple “draft” orders based on some template, group, playlist or whatever we’d call it, and then the user would have to individually review and confirm each one before manually executing it.

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Thanks @m! It’s a great idea and the manual execution is part of what we’ve been looking into with the regulators. Really keen to see how these playlists will expand!