POLL - Design Feedback

Hey guys,

We’re re-approaching some aspects of our apps design while we’re waiting for our license approvals and wanted to gain some feedback on our ‘Activity’ page which will essentially be where you see a snapshot of your portfolio, performance & balance ready to trade.

Which of the below do you prefer from a design perspective?

Note: Please don’t judge my poor portfolio performance on my beta app on the top!.. :sob::sob::sob:


  • Top Screen
  • Bottom Screen

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Looks like our current screen is the winner here :slight_smile: :trophy:

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It’s looks more attractive☺️

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Glad to hear you like it :grin:

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The top screen looks cleaner and having % results instead of the money amounts is definitely a more universal approach. Although I hope the current version also has the “Pending Orders” bar whenever there are any.

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I personally like the top one too @bartosz.w. The Pending Orders are definitely in that design too, I just didn’t have any pending when I took the screenshot of my phone in this instance.

The results are actually offered in both % and currency form. You simply tap them on the screen and they change between the two :slight_smile: