Protecting your portfolio in amongst Brexit

:uk:UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been successful in suspending parliament for 5 weeks from September to mid-October leaving a seriously short window for action before a looming No-Deal Brexit! :no_good_man::no_good_woman::mask:(the emojis have it there :laughing:)

This week we’ve seen the Pound drop in value which should support the FTSE 100 :thinking: (share index of the 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with the highest market capitalisation) but UK domestic stocks :crossed_fingers:may struggle until we have more clarity on whether a general election will be held before the Brexit deadline. Power to the people we say! :muscle:

If you’re a UK stock holder, what steps are you taking (if any) through this economic rollercoaster to protect your portfolio? :roller_coaster:

I’m not a gold bug, but gold. I’ve bought gold and anything priced in non GBP.

On a more adventurous note I’m buying anything that plunges without too much reason other than “Brexit” … I’ll just put them away for 5 years and ride out the storm

That’s a truly random approach I grant you and likely to pull apart by better economists than myself… but that’s what I’ve done

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@DataNerd You have to be in it to win it right!? I think regardless of what happens with Brexit, the UK will always be a financial powerhouse of the world and will bounce back in time. Investing in the drops could be a nice rewarding strategy on the other side! That is… if you can cope with not logging into your investment account for the next 12 months :joy: Might be some interesting roller coaster graphs!

Read my post with the analysis of the consequences of the Brexit referendum on the different types of assets:


Thanks for sharing @Damian_Ka! Nice blog page too :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, I started a YouTube channel, there is one episode about Brexit too:

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Thanks for sharing @Damian_Ka! Certainly an interesting and unpredictable ride! :wink: