Robinhood founder Casey Primozic parses through latest trading trends

Some insights that are more inline with the design of Evarvest that is playlist and follow your friends/gurus, you could see trading retailers are following their peers or people they trust blindly. Any remarks on this video ?


Interesting interview, thanks for sharing! Though, it is presented as mild reminder (as I see it at least), that trading is a risk, and new wave of small investors could well be ignoring that risk, but for me personally I have two take aways:

  • what Casey told, that people now are buying for example Tesla when price is increasing, could be sign of following the trend blindly, so would prefer to stay away from the crowd
  • that people are following investment ideas on social media, that is probably bad news for financial institutions but good for Evarvest :slight_smile:

Looks you guys are really well in time with people needs, looking forward to try how app will work!


Hey @Shashank,

Really interesting video – thanks for sharing it with our community! :pray:

@Henrikas – we’re doing our best to provide our users with the best trading experience they can imagine :wink:

And as for the trading trends mentioned by Casey – I think that apart from the social influence that impacts investors’ short-term buying/selling decisions, an important trend is also the growing popularity of fractional shares.

Observing the market we see that there is a huge demand for tiny pieces of big stocks, especially among young or first-time investors, who can’t afford buying the whole shares in their favourite companies.

We think this trend will continue to grow in the coming years. And that is why we have fractional shares on Evarvest’s roadmap :blush:


Interesting to receive this today on the Robinhood topic.

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N26 did something similar. Brexit really hurt the fintech market in Europe.

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I personally think N26 came down to their product fit in the UK market. Its a bit more corporate than fintech and I don’t think it really resonated with the younger audience they were targeting.

Robinhood I think they’ve had a few outages which haven’t been great on their image and so they need to sort that out before they open to another market of 45 million people! I mean they had 250,000 on the waitlist raring the go! :expressionless: