Robo-advisor feature

Are you guys thinking about launching a robo-advisor feature at some point in the future? Ideally with the possibility to use tax-free solutions for pension funds that are country-specific, e.g. IKE/IKZE in Poland.


@bartosz.w Robo-advisory is something we have decided to steer clear of at this stage however our next product release will be focusing heavily on the pension space. We can’t share too many details just yet, but watch this space as it’s going to be exciting :wink:


@MitchKerr @bartosz.w

To add to that, as an observation, often when there’s no connection to/understanding of/education around the stocks you’re investing in, (which is often the case with Robo-advisory) there’s a lack of knowledge/confidence, so in times of normal or ‘false’ market volatility, investors pull their funds out of stocks that aren’t necessarily performing badly.

Too often in these scenarios, less experienced investors are selling low and buying high, when it’s better to be buying low and selling high.

So our focus for now is on education, easy picking stock playlists and the ability to follow other portfolios, so investor have more ownership over their portfolios, more confidence in their investment decisions with access to some guidance along the way. :slight_smile:


@MitchKerr, @StephBrennan thank you for the answers. That totally makes sense and let you focus on building a great app for investing in stocks and not just an app that does everything!


@bartosz.w One day it will hopefully do everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But we feel focus is key for now to make sure we launch a product that achieves the goal we’ve set out to tackle. Plus to also make sure we have a secure & reliable app that really makes investing in stocks accessible with a really simple & easy user experience.


Hi, since I’m new to this board. Maybe I could introduce myself a bit.
I am investing since 2006 myself now and work in investment industry for more than decade.
So when I came here my first question was, will you introduce a basic strategy for beginners investors to follow. As I have proved to myself with my own practice, you hardly can be smarter than the market, because market itself is not smart always, sometimes it’s acting very strange, and sometimes it can be smart. But you will never know exactly on which mode it is. So better to think that the main paradigm is not changing and just that in longer time it will go up and just to stay with the market itself, not to try to outsmart it. At least if you are not working on it day and night and created a strategy that works for you.

So @bartosz.w question was great and I think that the beginners or maybe not even them need to understand was is equity and how it works. Because you need to understand the thing to believe it. Also investing in single equities will give you much fun and you can tell a lot of stories why did you choose one company or another, but you will hardly get a final result better the the market average.

So the robo advisors gives a tool to make a good portfolio, and you just need to work with your mind - what @StephBrennan wrote - not to self on the lows. :slight_smile: Not sure about not to buy on the highs. :slight_smile:

I hope you got my point and it would be great to have a discussion with you guys.

Good to talk. :wink:


Hi @DrSober, welcome to the community! Great to see another investor on board :wink:

We are currently building out our educational portal which will be available from within the app. We’re not in the business of providing advice or stock tips so as you mentioned it will be more about creating knowledge and ensuring our users understand all the basic aspects of investing so that they’re able to put together a strategy that suits their position in life.

I think it’s important to empower people by giving them the tools and knowledge to invest so that they can make informed decisions themselves. There really is no proven recipe to investing, it works differently for everyone but I totally agree with you that it’s about choosing a strategy and sticking to it. Some will get lucky in the short term but investing is really about the long term goal (unless you have the time to day trade as your profession :wink: ). I know whenever i’ve gone the short term path it hasn’t worked out well! :sweat_smile:

I can certainly see the value in a robo advisor however I also think they’re a totally different business to what we’re going to provide. There are people who like to put their money somewhere and let others do the work (robo), while others like to have the power to do it themselves which is what we’re all about. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and I guess the ultimate safety net would be to play with both sides.

I can’t say we won’t have a robo feature in the future :wink: But for now we’re all about empowering you to give it a go yourself!

Are there any Robo products in particular you like at the moment?

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@DrSober welcome to the community! :wave:

Thanks for sharing more, and agreed with you, sometimes it’s still worthwhile to buy on the highs.

There’s a great saying in the real estate space “what is expensive today is cheap tomorrow” - a saying that could be attributed to stocks like Amazon that were deemed ‘expensive’ years ago.

Although I’m a balanced investor, I look for companies like Amazon that have the potential to grow further than their current ‘expensive’ metrics that often turn value investors away.

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To be honest it is very hard to stop trying equity picking, also for me. :crazy_face: As sometimes, even now there is so many opportunities on the market, that you see and think that it will work just great in longer time. I’m not into Amazon that much. But thinking that I will try Royal Dutch Shell. :slight_smile: As it was great pick during 2016, when oil prices went to down. :cowboy_hat_face:

So wish you to have a great platform for learning and stock investing, for those who understands, want to learn or are willing to have fun. :wink:

Looking forward for the launch.

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I quite like the thought of royal dutch shell also with everything that’s happening in the oil world, I mean we know the price of oil is going to come back up at some point in the future… just depends on how low it will go first! And if there are any airlines around when we’re allowed to fly again to buy it :sweat_smile: