Round 6 🥊 Prizes to be won! 🏆

There were a few tricky questions this time :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear @bartosz.w! We’re working hard to make them harder :wink: Well done!

Hahaha. Some of those questions were crazy like oldest company one, so I just went with :man_shrugging: Yesterday’s webinar had some of the answers as well :wink:

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Boom! That’s a score @saf. Well done :cocktail:

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And that’s a wrap on round 6! :partying_face:

Up first with a perfect score and taking out the 1st prize pack is @saf! :trophy:

Well done and thanks for taking part! You’ll be taking home the following packs which we’ll have sent out to you asap! :gift:

You’ll be taking home some shiny new Evarvest merchandise including a mug, pen, notepad, sticker and lanyards to add some green to your style :joy: as well as a copy of The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Bogle.

Up next and taking home the random prize… :drum::drum::drum::drum: @ziatrader!

A new member to the community already taking home a prize pack, we’ll be sending you the following package this week :facepunch:

You won’t be getting a mug :fearful: but never fear you’ll still be receiving a pen, notepad, sticker and lanyards as well as a copy of The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason.

I’ll reach out to you both privately to find the best postal address, thanks again for taking part!

Special thanks also to everyone else who took part this month! @Asas @Alfa @davidlowes @jharris_webky @TadasGudauskad @helen2014 @bartosz.w Keep your eyes on the community as we’ll be providing plenty of opportunities to take home some Evarvest swag very soon! :confetti_ball:


Wow - Thanks :+1::pray::blush:

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No worries! :wink:

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