Searching For A Stock

Know what you’re after and don’t need to use the ‘Stock Playlist’ feature in the ‘Invest’ page?

No problem! Simply hit the search bar at the top. We have a cool tinder style feature for searching stocks in our roadmap that we can’t wait to release! :smile:

Suggestion that the search functionality is smart enough to find brands and holding companies and link the two together.

Example I want to search for Wagamama then it will bring up Restaurant Group Plc…

Not sure if this could be user generated #tags etc but might be worth considering


Great idea! I’ll add this to the roadmap to investigate how this could be possible. User tags may be the way in the short term as going through nearly 10,000 stocks might take a little while :wink:

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As I mentioned in the “What do YOU want from an investment app?” thread, I would also add an advanced search option (can be added after the launch :wink: ) so I can search by additional details: dividend yield, dividend date, average dividend yield paid out in the recent 3/5/10 years, price range, market cap, P/E ratio, etc


Thanks @bartosz.w! I have already added this into our pipeline from the other thread :slight_smile: We need to do a bit more work in expanding our data offering before this feature will be properly functional so watch this space most likely early in 2020 :wink:

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Types of investors and what search functionality would they need?
Growth Stock

  • Search by performance etc
    Dividend Paying Stocks
  • Search by Ex Div Date / Payment Date
    Day Traders
  • ???
    Etc… you get the idea… everyone has a strategy of some sorts
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This area of the app needs to be planned really well once we start offering all these parameters to avoid complexity, there are so many variables to search by. I know I find some of the investment platforms that have been around for years can be super complex to do a simple search, unless you know the name of the stock.

@AfonsoCasanova what sort of data do you look for when searching for a stock? Afonso is a bit more of a sophisticated investor than I am! I use Simply Wall St to keep it simple for me :sunglasses:

Financial data is very complex due to it’s connection to various industries in which different analysis is required.
That said as an investor I try to use the most information available for each stock, I use mostly the 10-Q and 10-K reports for the financial numbers with the related notes. For the data platforms, I use Tradingview, Jitta, and Simply wall St. But in general I get the most information from the financial statements and stock price.

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