Shareholder Perks

Hey guys,

Do you have plans to offer shareholder perks to users who are eligible for them? Like Freetrade do

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Hey @cam, We don’t have plans for this at this stage as we’re really focusing on the app and future features :wink: This may be something we look at in the future though.

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Hey @cam, @AfonsoCasanova from our team just reminded me that we are actually offering shareholder perks but they will be in-app perks when we launch. We have no plans for retail discount perks at this stage but as mentioned above, we can look into this for the future.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the investor perks we mentioned within our Seedrs campaign. We’ve only recently received details of all our investors from Seedrs and so will shortly be reaching out to open communication channels. As mentioned, in the future as we grow we plan to give back by sharing our profits with shareholders through FX and trading credits in the app. :slight_smile: