Simple Buy/Sell Experience

We want to make your experience with Evarvest as simple as possible so we’ve done all the calculations for you.

Simply enter how many shares you’d like to buy and we’ll let you know exactly what this will cost in your local currency. :heart:

Please note: The time of day a commission-free trade is placed will be subject to change.



really looking forward to try out all features, as currently still in search for investment app, which would make be happy (I’m Lithuania resident). And I have a question (appologies, if it is somewhere on the forum, and I did not noticed while reviewing all most recent posts), but do you plan to give option to trade also with Investiment Funds, not only stocks? For example Franklin Templeton or VANGUARD Funds? Thanks a lot, excited while waiting for Evervest app!

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Hey @Henrikas, glad to hear you’re excited and welcome to the community!

Yes definitely, we will have a wide range of funds available that are listed across the UK & the EU.

Due to EU regulations we’re unable to offer the US listed funds to EU & UK citizens however we do have access to them from the brokerage side if these laws change in the future.

We will release a full updated list of our offering shortly as we have additional brokerage partners since our last release which will allow us to offer more exchanges on the platform in the near future.

Hope this helps!


@Henrikas welcome to the community! :wave:


Thanks, looking forward even more for the update and release of the application as well!

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