Social Investing & What future features would you like to see? :-)

Hey everyone! :relaxed:

As most of you will know, we’re looking to make investing social at Evarvest with our ‘Follow Your Friends’ :people_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands::couple::two_men_holding_hands: feature which has been built into the app. This will be expanding further in new and exciting ways as we grow from the feedback we receive from you! – We’d love to know whether following your friends portfolios or having them follow yours is something you’d like to use or do you prefer to invest behind closed doors? :wink:

Just so you know! Nobody will be able to see how much you’ve invested in your portfolio or stocks, they’ll simply be able to see your investment choices and your returns as a % :facepunch: We all need to keep some privacy after all! :male_detective:

As a team we’re brainstorming future features at the moment, if there’s another feature you’d like to see in your favourite trading app please let us know! No matter how crazy it might be :speaking_head:


For what it’s worth I’d like to see some really quite dull but useful stuff.

Lessons from the Freetrade forum and my own usage of the app highlight the following:

(i) Evarvest should display dividend yield and latest/upcoming dividend data in the app from day 1 - this will negate the need for endless queries surrounding such events.

(ii) Integrate live pricing if you legally can showing the bid/offer spread - is a little more transparent and again reduces inefficiencies needing to answer queries surrounding pricing

(iii) Fractions from day 1 if you can. In-specie transfer from day 1. You’ll only get asked about it endlessly if you don’t.

(iv) Get your MiFID II Cost Disclosure front and centre and get it correct! So many providers are either not providing it or obfuscating it or getting it blanket wrong! This drives me crazy. If people are meant to use this data and base decisions on it then it follows that it should be correct.

(v) So, following point 4, get your KID/KIIDS linkage correct. Even today I try to buy an ETC from (yes, yes, I know… it’s a legacy account…I wish I could ditch it!) … and ALL their ETCs and some ETF KID document links are broken or missing! Regulatory failing ion the making.

(vi) Maybe a link in app to something like “tax consequences”… dull, I know but bare with me. So many people are caught out, for example, by non reporting ETFs or Property Income Distributions that having a link in app to the stock specific tax rules (pan European - complex, I realize) is probably kinder to the more novice investors.

(vii) An export to text, xls, googlesheet option. PLEASE - allow us to get out hands on the underlying data so we can do what we want with it in our spreadsheet of choice. An API would be much appreciated.

(viii) Get out in front of the inevitable US ETF queries. Just signpost it from day 1 that it’s probably a non starter.

(ix) Hire good people. With 20 years in the investment world I can honestly tell you your back office is not necessarily a commoditisedable operation. Shiny apps and good customer service are essential, yes. But so is the behind the scenes. Only today Freetrade seem to suggest a 15 to 30 day window for in-specie transfers. This is madness! It’s 2019. I had people doing it faster than this in 2002. It’s who you hire and how you invest in these people and processes. J’sus I’m sounding old!

Honestly I could go on forever. Best advice - see what Freetrade get right and get wrong.

I think I need to lay down.


Thanks for sharing @DataNerd, appreciate your time on the feedback. We’ll share amongst the team and be sure to note them as we’re progressing towards our launch :slight_smile:

It will for sure be a nice feature to follow investors and see what is changing in their portfolios. I would also like to see what are the most traded stocks or ETFs of the day/week.

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That’s an easy one @Alessandro so we should be able to please you there :slight_smile: It’s already in the app :wink:

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Please stop sending all these updates and questions and finally launch the app with at least basic features. It looks so funny and non-credible otherwise.

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Hi @aia, I’m sorry you feel that way :confused:

As much as we’d like to simply launch with the app we have built, legally we can’t launch until the required approvals are in place with the regulators and we have completed the necessary and important backend compliance work to ensure the way we operate and exceeds the necessary requirements.

During these times, there isn’t a great deal of exciting information to share with you all on the community so it seems like a good opportunity to open some dialogue on what everyone would like to see from the app in the future!

Thanks for your patience with our launch anyway and as soon as we have our licence approvals we’ll let everyone know a date for launch :smiley: :rocket:

I doubt it’s to do with regulators, I guess the app is just not ready, that’s it.

You’ll just have to wait and see :wink:

Hi , Just thinking if I can follow my friends on app and I can see how they permorms. It’s might be a good idea to have an option to send share to friends. For example I hate when I need to buy some presents for my friends when I’m going to birthday party or so. Or to bring an envilope with cash instead. But if I know what my friend is a fan of some brand let say Apple, Nike or Tesla I think he would be more than happy to own piece of it . And maybe that’s the one of the ways how to include friends and introduce them to investment opportunities
That’s my idea :blush:
I’d like to have this kind of feature

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Thanks for sharing @Alfa and we do love this idea!

What are your thoughts on Evarvest Gift Cards which would allow you to gift your friends credit to buy stocks? Or even you could pick the stock to gift to them as you suggested!

It’s something we’re working on for 2020 :relaxed:

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It’s sounds great too!!!