Startup support from Governments 🗳️

Hey guys, since i’m spending lockdown in London (instead of the normal Vilnius) i’ve found it really interesting to follow the UK government’s plan to support SMEs and startups.

Interesting article from EU-Startups about it here if you’re interested :point_right:

It’d be great to hear if your home/residency country has any similar programs or incentives for startups or, from our British followers, what are your thoughts on the governments announcement?

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Really impressed with the incentives from Australia - I think their approach has helped to ease the pressure on the government and the support they need to offer. For example, they’ve reduced the official cash rate to support banks in offering mortgage holidays and offering loans to SMEs. I also think it was a wise decision to allow people to release AU$10K of their super (pension) fund early if they meet the required eligibility criteria - this takes pressure off the government / what they need to fund themselves, as people are accessing their own funds to support their own costs of living during this time.

Re the UK incentives, I’ve added my 2c in the article you shared. In short, it’s a good sign to see the government supporting startups, especially as Fintech is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. This is a step towards greater investment in this space and governments taking more of a seat at the table, supporting the companies that will be driving their economies in the future and benefitting from the upside.