Suggestions needed: Where would you like to read about Evarvest?

Hi Guys, I need your suggestions! I’m currently working on our Evarvest communications plan for the coming months and I was wondering what sort of media outlets do you read, watch or listen to? :newspaper::tv::radio:

Where would you like to read about Evarvest and our app? :wink:

For these, who didn’t know we have already been featured in some prominent titles, including Forbes Poland, Business Insider Espańa, The Fintech Times, Jornal de Negocios, Dinheiro Vivo and Verslo Zinios :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think it would be great to reach out to financial and lifestyle bloggers, vloggers and other influencers as these can be more popular than the standard media outlets among the younger generations.

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Thanks for sharing @bartosz.w, I know Magda has been reaching out to a few and we have some who will be doing a review of the app when we launch :slight_smile:

Out of interest, are there any financial bloggers, vloggers, influencers you particularly like to follow in Poland or internationally?

Yeah I regularly follow these Polish bloggers:

Some of them have podcasts too (linked on their blog) and I actually prefer listening to podcasts while doing other things rather than just reading the blog posts.
There are many other bloggers too, I just don’t follow them regularly as I have limited time for this.

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Thanks for sharing @bartosz.w! I think podcasts are the way forward, it’s great Spotify has plenty to choose from too, makes access to them super easy! (If you use spotify of course :wink: )

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