Tax in your country - what do you know?

Thanks to everyone that joined our webinar tonight! - I hope it shared more insight into Evarvest as a company, not just our product :wink: - any feedback on what you’d like to hear more of, please let me know! This was our first community webinar and we’ll adapt to what you want to hear more of.

One question that came up was on taxation. We get asked this question a lot!

We’re currently preparing support information related to the taxation of your investments which we’ll add into ‘The Library’ once ready. There’s a lot of varying rules and regulations depending on what country you’re a resident of, so this may take some time for us to compile.

Here’s where we’d love your help!

What would you / your tax authority need to see when using an app like Evarvest?

Comment below - your feedback really helps us meet your needs and the needs of your local market! :pray:


I’ve already shared some details about this earlier. Even though it’s not required by the tax office if you don’t have your business established in Poland, it’s very helpful for the investors to have PIT-8C available after the fiscal year has finished. This document will contain the summary of gains and losses made during the year with Evarvest, converted into PLN. Please let me know though what else you need to know here!

The other thing related to taxes is how likely it is to start offering IKE and IKZE accounts in Poland? These are the tax-exempt retirement accounts (like IRA in the US). I suppose it won’t be easy to add this as it’s only offered by banks currently and I have no idea what are the requirements to run such accounts. However, I think it would be a game changer for the financial savvy people in Poland.

The other question about taxes is not related to the taxes in Poland, but rather taxes paid for the dividends. I know that when you get paid a dividend from the US company, usually the highest possible rate is applied, which is 30%.
Are you going to try to minimise this and have the treaties about preventing the potential double taxation in place? So there will be (I think) just 15% of tax paid in the US and the rest that will be paid will be the difference between the local tax rate and 15% US tax.


Thanks @bartosz.w, really appreciate it!

Your help on the PIT-8C has been great, thank you again. With the IKE and IKZE accounts, this is great to know, thank you - we’ll look into this further. They sound like the ISA accounts in the UK - there’s more compliance work needed to offer these, so we’ll look into this and see if we can offer the IKE and IKZE in Poland.

With the taxation on US dividends, this is a really good question! We’re speaking with some accountants about this - there are varying tax rules in different countries - so far, as a general rule, it really depends on the tax treaty between two countries. We’re working on some education content around taxation, which we hope will bring more clarity to how shares & dividends will be taxed.

If there’s anything else, please let me know. This really helps us know more about Poland and what we need to explore further!


If I can be of any help - related to taxation in Denmark… please let me know :relaxed:


We’ll definitely take you up on that when we’re ready! Nothing like tips from a local investor :wink:


@iskh that would be great - thank you!

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