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Just a couple of questions really, as I’m more focused on the IT aspect of things.

Out of curiosity what programming languages are you using to build and deploy the app, is it something which is code once and deploy to both Android and iOS?

How big is your software development team and how much of the investment will be dedicated to that team in particular?

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Hi naranmistry, welcome to our community!

Both Android and iOS are native apps (Node.js and Angular 7) and we’ve built them side by side.

In our development team, we have now have 5 developers, a designer, a project manager and our CTO.

The majority of our raise is for licensing, and our international expansion. We have a smaller allocation for development which will be used for building out different user profiles for each country we expand into, so we can personalise the experience for our users.

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Where is your infrastructure? Is it hosted in AWS, GCP or a data centre?

I know it may be time consuming, and it could wait - but I love it when companies write blogs on how they’ve setup their tech, and things like public post mortems when things go wrong. It gives me more faith and trust in companies when they’re open.

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Hi Lew,

The Evarvest infrastructure is hosted by AWS.

I’ll let our CTO know you’d like to hear more about the technical setup behind the scenes, I do love the idea of this as we want to be as open as possible. :slight_smile:

Time permitting now I must admit will be tough as the tech team are hard at work ensuring we’re ready to launch but this is definitely something I’m going to add to our roadmap for a few months down the track!

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Everyone is in Lithuania?

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Hi @Dird, thanks for your first post!

Yes our entire tech team is based in Lithuania except our CTO who works across Europe remotely however visits us here in Vilnius regularly :slight_smile:

How much do the dev’s get :o I’ve heard of 70-90k salaries in Vilnius

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Hi @Dird, Our team is outsourced here in Vilnius aside from our CTO. All our agreements with our partners and team contain a confidentiality agreement and we respect our partners/team’s right to privacy. In light of this, I hope you can understand why we can’t share the details of their remuneration with you. :blush: