Musk has a way with words… and Twitter :bird:

Is this another publicity play to send Tesla :oncoming_automobile: on another wild ride? :roller_coaster:

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Not quite on target but still an impressive number of cars built and delivered in one quarter!

Seems like they are delivering more or less in line with market expectations - definitely a good sign, and glad to see demand for Tesla vehicles is strong!

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It’s amazing to see that 82% of the cars delivered are also for the more affordable model 3 variant too which as far as I understand was only recently released?

Shows to me that the world is really pushing towards a sustainable future.

I don’t understand why people still believe in story of Tesla has a failing company, clearly, Tesla has been trashed so many times by Financial outlets. To me, it just reminds me of Amazon early stages.

Tesla has been on top of the game in every aspect of their core business, being 3-year ahead in chip development, to automated vehicles, to an amazing batterie range. But the price of each model 3, it’s just amazing how they made an affordable car with such characteristics.

Tesla from a financial standpoint has been growing each year, comparing the same quarters year-by-year, it’s still a very speculative stock with a lot of risks due to being an innovator in many areas. It’s definitely a different stock to analyze.


Some Tesla’s are to be German made! Tesla has announced they’re building a new ‘giga-factory’ to supply the European market.

UK was on the cards but lost out due to Brexit uncertainty… A reasonable loss for the UK economy!