The Coronavirus & Tech Startup's

Hey guys, @StephBrennan wrote an op-ed recently on why Coronavirus opens a door for tech start-ups. (Available here if you’re interested :point_right:

It got me thinking that it would be great to find out how our community is being affected by the current world events? And also how you’re effectively adapting to keep going efficiently!

We’ve had a remote culture from day 1 at Evarvest so lucky for us it’s been quite easy… apart from us missing our lonely office!

How’s your life, routine, the technology you use changed since our free moving public life ended?


@MitchKerr I’m definitely missing our office and I’m keen to spend more time outdoors when the lockdowns are over! :upside_down_face::sunny:


So true! I think now, more than ever, we appreciate our regular daily routines we had in a before-coronavirus world :blush: Although I must say that day by day I’m getting used to live in the quarantine, what I find quite scary :scream: What I missed the most are my family & friends - I love Zoom, Skype and all that stuff, but it can never replace face-to-face contact.