The Dictionary

Our trusty new team member @HarshP has officially started posting some of his work on The Library! :rocket: Check it out here.

If there’s a particular definition or trading term you’d like clarified in a simple way by Harsh post it here and he’ll add it to his task list! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s awesome! Maybe you can just start organizing all these articles in categories and, at some point, you can create an Evarvest’s School of Economics :slight_smile: I’d like to see eventually in your Library everything that’s related to investing and economics.

With some organized program of learning, it would be a great place for newbie investors to just open the app and have everything there. They could start learning the theory and then jump into the practical part and start investing with small amounts of money to do their homework as a part of the curriculum.


@bartosz.w this is just a taste of what’s to come :slight_smile: and yes we’re looking at categorising The Dictionary posts into different segments to make it easier. Also a search bar within ‘The Library’ in case you just want to quickly search a term. It all takes time so we’re chipping away behind the scenes!

We’re also working on more of a guided educational system which will be structured step by step for those who like a bit of direction or don’t know where to start :wink: We’re starting with beginners but will look to expand into more advanced areas later. I know @AfonsoCasanova is keen for that as he wants to help with the more advanced trading features and strategies.

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