The Evarvest Team - Welcoming Harsh Patel!

I’m excited to welcome @HarshP as a new addition to the Evarvest team today! :rocket:

Harsh has come on board as a Financial Analyst, helping us build out our educational tools. He’s also going to be utilising his skills to create some exciting in-app playlists for those who’d like some inspiration on where to invest! (any requests, just send him a message! :iphone:)

Harsh is a CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst, so use him to your advantage with any questions you may have! :relaxed:


Thanks Mitch - Hi all!

Very excited to join - please do feel free to reach out as Mitch suggested with any question - as little or large, or anything you want to discuss / debate - whether it’s finance, investing, general life or just shooting the breeze - I’m always happy to chat!


Ok. I’ll take you up on that offer:

Who’s your head of compliance, who’s your head of ops? Where do they stand on the US ETF sales to European citizens and/or see any ever manoeuvres to allow there sale in Europe? What do you think Evarvests USP is in such a crowded market? Buy versus build? Why is buying or outsourcing your back/mid/front office your best current option when those that have gone before have often come unstuck when transitioning from buying to re-buying (upgrading) or building themselves? If you outsource what’s your differentiator? Why offer so many stocks? Is that approach cost neutral to you? How can it be when the data fees and operations burden must have at least some effect? Who’s your data providers? I ask since the LSE looks like it’s taking another step into controling post trade data provisions with its ReFinitiv purchase! You gonna have live pricing at point of trade or indicative? Ouch those data fees!

What’s for dinner? What’s the weather like? What’s your favourite colour?

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Hi there,

Thanks for taking me up on the offer - hope you are well.

I believe team roles are either firmly in place or being finalised! We’ll likely share an updated team page over the coming months once key positions have been nailed down - as you can imagine it’s quite fluid given we are still relatively early doors in terms of building the team out. There has been new legislation around US ETF sales as I’m sure you’re aware, which we’ll get our legal & compliance personnel to review thoroughly to ensure everything we make available is above board at the time of launch. Rest assured, anything that is made available on our platform will be fully vetted ahead of launch.

We have a few different USPs - all pointed out on our website of course and the discussions page of the crowdfund campaign which would have been made available to you on Seedrs in case you are an investor. My specific focus is on helping new investors learn more about the market - I believe that’s one of the USPs based on my experience of people I know who don’t feel confident enough to invest their own money - so hopefully people find that valuable!

I have confidence that the decision making process behind the buy vs build question - which seems to be at the crux of what you’re trying to understand in the subsequent 2 questions also - has taken into account the fact that others have come across certain hurdles when trying to upgrade or re-build. I also believe there are other differentiators / USPs of the product, particularly on the consumer side, which have little or nothing to do with the tech stack we initially build on or all the other behind the scenes plumbing we put together to get off the ground with.

With regards to offering many stocks - I guess the question to my mind is more along the lines of “if we can do it in a scalable way, we should?” I believe the team has already debated the questions you pose regarding data fees and scalability, and believe we are comfortable with our current partners and broader approach :slightly_smiling_face:

Dinner was great, thanks :pizza:, as is the weather :sun_behind_small_cloud: and maybe i’ll fill you in on colours later :wink:


Hi Harsh, your full name sounds familiar to me. I think I could have seen it on Seedrs, are you a regular investor there and did you previously work with some other company which had raised on Seedrs?

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Hi M!

Yep I’ve invested in a couple of other companies, but never worked with others who have raised on Seedrs. I joined Evarvest primarily due to their mission to educate people on investing in the stock markets. Personallly, the lack of financial education / understanding among many people out there is something that I wanted to work on improving anyway - and in Evarvest I’ve found what I think is a great opportunity to do just that!

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions