Trading on demo account with virtual money

Having the ability to trade with virtual money would be a great feature, especially for new users who aren’t to familiar with the trading app and also with trading in general. It could also help keep people interested and excited about the app while waiting for it to be available in their country.
Are you planning to have this feature available? Would it be possible to see the app with demo account before the first official release in the Q1 od 2020? Or you rather wouldn’t like to disclose the details of the app before it’s first released? :slight_smile:
For sure this would help making a bigger buzz around the app especially that it will take some time before you’ll be able to operate in more countries.

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Hey @bartosz.w,

This is a great idea and something we have discussed at length internally. At the moment our internal beta is functioning with ‘play money’ until our license approvals are granted however this structure has been built with a demo style credential with our banking partner and so once we activate the account when we’re licensed, this will automatically become a live environment with real funds.

We’re looking at the possibility of having a second environment within the app for virtual money but our launch product has been the main focus for now :slight_smile:

We have the watchlist feature for tracking and monitoring stock performance before you’re ready to purchase which could assist beginner investors with a similar logic, however you wouldn’t be able theoretically invest in these stocks.

We have already planned out the technology effort required to build such an addition for virtual funds so I’ll create a new community post to see if there would be demand for a virtual money option too! :wink: I do think that’s a great suggestion to offer a virtual version to markets we haven’t yet launched in to build some buzz :fire: Great way to gather feedback so we can adapt to new market preferences also.

As a Seedrs investor we’ll definitely be giving you a sneak peak before we launch as we’d like your feedback as an investor in stocks and also Evarvest before we release the product to the general public. We’re waiting on everyones details from Seedrs once the share registration is completed and then we’ll start some dialogue with everyone about the next few months plans :slight_smile:

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That’s great that you’re planning to add this feature at some point in the future.
I was asking purely from the business perspective as having a demo account is a common thing among FX brokers and it allows new users to get used to the trading app itself, but also allows traders to test their ideas (forward test) without having to risk their real money.

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I do agree it would be really valuable and does align with our mission to help new investors learn and build the confidence to build a financial future. :muscle: I remember the first time I started investing because it wasn’t such a good story :joy: could have used a virtual account then :slight_smile:

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