Transferwise pulling in some impressive figures. Do you think they’ll IPO soon?


Doubt we’ll see a IPO anytime soon

All of which — and at the risk of repeating myself — would suggest that a potential TransferWise public offering is still a long way off yet, something that Hinrikus doesn’t refute. “Why would we go public?,” he says rhetorically, noting that the company is still growing fast and capital isn’t an issue.

from TechCrunch earlier this year.


Thanks for sharing @saf and it’s a good point.

I’m interested to see how their user numbers go over the next 12 months. Personally I was a loyal customer for over 2 years but recently they’ve been increasing their fees substantially to the point where I no longer use them.

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Yeah, I don’t think they’re in rush to IPO, especially since some had a chance to exit early.

For many of these employees, it may not just be “paper” money either. The $292m sale share announced this week – at the $3.5bn valuation – was exclusively to allow early employees and investors to turn their shares into cash.


A nice reward for many of those early employees! I have seen quite a few new startups come out of the woodwork lately headed up by ex-Transferwise employees.

Dataminer is an interesting one as one of Transferwise’s ex-aml guys is building his own solution to tackle cyber crime.


Plum is another one. I also think the person heading up Robinhood UK is worked at Transferwise. Like the new PayPal crew.


It’s great to see Unicorns spawning off into new unicorns! Great for the consumer and nice to see the success of these entrepreneurs being reinvested into new ideas. Especially in Europe, it’s time to take on the USA in the startup world :wink: