Uber and London don't seem to be a great mix 🇬🇧 🚕

It’s been a tumultuous relationship between Uber and the regulators of London for a few years now… Is this an opportunity for the likes of Lyft and Bolt to take the reins of the ridesharing market or does Uber have enough of a stronghold globally to keep their place at the top of the mountain?


Uber is one of the faces of the sharing economy, they definitely need to take seriously the security breaches and since they are having cases of unlicensed drivers that’s a concern and it breaks the consumer trust.
It’s something that other ridesharing companies need to work as well and improve their security so that regulators can allow innovation to keep flourish. If I was a shareholder of Uber I would not be happy since London is a good revenue source but as a stakeholder, im not happy either, I do enjoy my uber once in a while and i don’t want to see other regulators picking up on the same issue.


It’s a hard one isn’t it! It’s a service we all use and enjoy, but likewise they need to stop disrespecting the law if they wish to operate in our cities. Safety is a pretty simple request i’d say…

The problem with London is that the black cabs (although a great service, those guys are like a GPS themselves!) but they’re so unbelievably expensive, so services such as Uber/Lyft/Bolt make getting around and ridesharing much more accessible to the wider audience. Hopefully the regulators and Uber come to an agreement so we don’t start to lose our ridesharing services elsewhere as you suggest.

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I’m of the opinion that the law needs to change. Leave it to the customer to choose his level of trust/risk and stop making decisions for us. After all, we’re adults, aren’t we? Licensing doesn’t work in consumer’s favor, it creates interest groups and artificially limits supply so the prices can be higher.


I guess it depends on the person. On one hand we can easily say don’t use such a service if you don’t feel safe… I mean, as a bigger bloke i’m not so worried about a driver taking advantage of me! But I can imagine a younger less confident person feeling quite uneasy if put in the sort of situation Uber has faced criticism for.

I do agree with you though that regulations need to change. It’s happening in the finance world as we’re directly seeing :wink: and it’s about time that other industries follow suit.

In Australia there was even talks of a tax on ridesharing so Taxi use was not depleted… Not sure if you’ve used a taxi in Australia before but they’re generally offering a pretty poor service, if they decide the turn up at all! I’m for ridesharing platforms all the way.


This is a hard one for sure. I mean, In 1998 we were told, “don’t get in cars with strangers”. In 2008 we were told “don’t meet people from the internet alone”, and in 2019, we order ourselves a stranger from the internet to get into a car with alone…

Uber has created an industry and certainly re-defined transportation and I agree they need to take these security breaches seriously.

It’s an interesting point you raise @m. I agree, regulators can work against consumer interests and artificially limit supply. In the main, the regulators need to protect consumer interests and companies should adhere to these regulations to also protect / act in the best interests of their consumers.

Uber has, in the main, bettered the industry. The risk of drivers being unlicensed and uninsured is a serious problem. Likewise, Uber drivers have recently been involved in home robberies of their passengers and of course, there have been rape allegations that saw their license suspended in the UK a couple of years ago, - and I absolutely agree, Uber should have collaborated with the authorities more on this.

My view is these issues are more popularised because Uber is an internationally recognisable brand, but they’re also issues the traditional taxi industry has faced and they’re still operating. As one example, I remember, particularly as a female, being aware of the multiple rapes publicised by the media that occurred with traditional taxi drivers in Sydney, Australia. Uber has sharing location abilities and other features which help to protect riders - we can’t say the same for traditional taxi companies.

I also much prefer the overall fare transparency Uber has. So many times I’ve been in traditional taxi’s and they overcharge, particularly if you’re a foreigner travelling in other countries.

London is a good revenue source for Uber as a company but it’s also a revenue source for a significant amount of people all over the world that drive for Uber. While regulators are helping consumers, as they should, who will be helping the drivers that could be left unemployed as a result?

I hope Uber acts on these issues and regain their license in London to better user protection and protect the people whose livelihood depends on their platform.