Uber v Bolt

Who would invest in Bolt if they went public? Some impressive stats achieved in London & a good opportunity to capitalise off Uber losing their UK license. :red_car:



Would be happy to support another Eastern European country taken on the Western powerhouses! :wink:


I would wait a few more years to see who would come up as the first and the strongest player in the market, currently, we have too many players already being Lyft, Uber, Cabify, Bolt, and Kapten (previous Chauffeur-Privé), im sure there are others I don´t yet know.

Currently Uber is leading the ridesharing/carsharing industry but they are burning quite a lot of cash to run smoothly their operations. The others are just competitors with less of a brand and they get their customers from Uber most of the time because they offer more discounts which in the end is just more cost of sales.

Im in conflict actually :sweat_smile: but I think I would invest in Uber for the right value and not in Bolt.


Good point you raised @AfonsoCasanova re more cost of sales, and competitors getting their clients from Uber - I’ve switched to Bolt over Uber too because it’s less cost.

Car sharing companies (like many other tech companies) will have to look at other services to offset their cost of sales - Bolt, like Uber, is now offering food delivery.

I met a VC recently that had the opportunity to invest 2,000 euros into Bolt for a significant share and didn’t because they didn’t think they could compete with Uber… now look at them!

Interesting to see how this plays out between ride sharing companies & how Uber will retain the market as more competition comes in to undercut them :sweat_smile:


I’m sure there is room for some players in the market, and it might well be Bolt and Uber in Europe and Uber and Lyft in the USA.
With all competition, players do need to offer something more, might not be just more features, sometimes accessibility is more important than features, and that will be a run for licenses.
Although Bolt has the advantage of having the privilege of watching Uber mistakes and learning from them and making sure they don’t step on the same stones.

If i was an early investor (VC) i would definitely consider these types of companies, because they are after all software companies which for itself is less of a risk without inventory turnovers, and tech stocks have better chance of giving share growth.

I must say i am a loyalty customer of Uber eats and very rarely i use other services like Glovo.


Don’t forget Grab, I used it during my trip in Asia and really liked it.