Want some free stuff? Stock Pick Comp & Test Your Knowledge is back! 😎

Well that last round was our most successful quiz to date! :fire: Thanks everyone for giving it a go and for those who didn’t… here’s your chance to try your hand at round 2!

As with the last round, just click the link below, enter your community username and give the quiz your best shot. Our Head of PR, @Magda, has put together some pretty challenging questions so hopefully there are no perfect scores just like last time! :roller_coaster:

Test Your Knowledge Quiz!

Here’s the quiz > Launch Now

For the lucky winner (or winner’s) you’ll take home a copy of Shoe Dog by Phil Knight about the rise of Nike. We’ll also throw in a bunch of Evarvest swag including a mug, laptop stickers, notepads, pens and a lanyard.


This month we’re also trying out a Knock-Out Stock Pick Comp :muscle: Thanks for the tip @vekariya17! :ok_hand:

Instead of letting us know your pick within the quiz like last time, we’re asking everyone to comment below with your stock pick! I’ll be creating a leaderboard like last round so everyone can keep track of where they are in the comp. I’ll share it on this page.

Rules of the Stock Pick Comp!

  1. Stock picks must be commented on this page by Sunday 21st June 2020 @ midnight (UK Time).
  2. Every 3 days i’ll be updating the leaderboard list and knocking out the 5 lowest performing stocks.
  3. At the close of trade on Friday 3rd July 2020 (Midnight UK Time) i’ll be updating the leaderboard with the latest prices to see who takes home the top spot. That’s 3 knockout rounds with the winner found out on the 4th July! :sweat_smile:

Winners of the stock pick comp can either take home an Evarvest branded Hoodie or T-Shirt, it’s up to you.

I’ll be announcing the winners of both the quiz and the stock pick comp right here on Saturday 5th July. Good luck & happy investing! :muscle:

Remember, you must be an Evarvest community member to be eligible for the prizes so make sure you create your account before submitting your quiz! We will be awarding a max of 2 prizes for the quiz and 2 prizes for the stock pick, if more that 2 people take out top spot we’ll draw the winners at random!


To get things going i’ll kick the stock pic comp off with a massive gamble!

Aston Martin on the LSE… :oncoming_automobile: :sweat_smile: :fire:

I’m not eligible for any goodies unfortunately though so just in it for the ride :muscle:

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Hi Mitch, so the competition is only for the period from 14.06 to 26.06, right?


@Damian_Ka that’s it! Sorry about all the text, I know its information overload!

:wink: i actually invested in them :stuck_out_tongue: … should have put a few more 00’s in the end of the total amount. doh!

Im going with LLOYDS …


I know! I bought in around 55p and sold out at about the same after the dip… and then a week later their CEO is replaced! Oh well, lesson learnt, I should have been more patient :wink:

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Oh come on Guys! This test is not that difficult! :sunglasses: Give it at least a try :wink: :rocket:

dobry gif


Haha, i know. Tough crowd this month! :sweat_smile:


@MitchKerr same, I’m along for the ride and my stock pick is Spotify :headphones: :ok_hand:



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Thanks for joining in @dsl98 and welcome to the community :wink:

@MitchKerr Ok, I will go with CD Projekt

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Ah the Polish favourite :wink:

Ah, I’m too late with suggesting CD projekt, but will go for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings NCLH then :slight_smile:

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In the next downward price movement i’m picking some ROKU stock, so that’s my pick! :rocket: :money_with_wings: :wink:


@AfonsoCasanova I just got a Roku TV so fuelling your stock growth :wink:


I feel like they are placing themselves well in this sector. I’m personally not a consumer of ROKU range of products but that’s good to hear that you are @MitchKerr :wink:

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Hey everyone!

So it appears you’re all out enjoying the summer weather at the moment now the laws on staying home are a little more relaxed :wink:

It also seems many of you simply click start the quiz without actually reading the community post so unfortunately we haven’t received many entries for the stock pick comp :frowning:

Instead of cancelling it, i’ve extended the start time by one week (I’m sorry to anyone who’s stock might have a good run this week - if you really want to change your pick please just message me and i’ll update the leaderboard!). I’ve also move the entry field from the community page into the quiz so it’s not missed. :man_facepalming:

Anyone who’s already submitted a pick, i’ve already recorded it so no need to do it again.

Really sorry to those excited to see this going, but I just don’t see the knockout round working until we have a few more people joining in! Looking forward to seeing a few more join in for next week! :golfing_man: :golfing_woman:

Ok! So after a slow start we’ve finally got some numbers coming in for the stock pick comp! :partying_face:

So far the following companies have been picked. :fire:

Aston Martin
CD Projekt
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
Carnival PLC
Sea Ltd
United Airlines
Astra Zeneca
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Audi AG
Spirit Airlines
Virgin Galactic

We’ll be kicking off on Monday morning so hopefully a few more entries trickle in over the weekend to make this super interesting.

Thanks to everyone who’s taken part so far! :muscle:


And we’re off!

Remember this one is a knockout round, so every few days the 5 lowest 5 players will be knocked out from the running.

I’ll update the below spreadsheet at the end of each trading day on the 25th, 28th June and the 1st, 4th July. The top spot at the end of trading on the 4th July takes home the top spot! :ok_hand:

Should be exciting this round as we have no double selections so everyone is out on their own :fire:

Thanks again to everyone who has joined in!

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