WeWork IPO

WeWork published it’s hotly anticipated Prospectus today with an offering worth between $3-4 Billion and a likely IPO within 3 months. :money_mouth_face:

Do you think their business practises are sustainable or is this one to stay away from? :thinking:


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Hey Alfa!

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My sentiments exactly…it will be interesting to see what valuations the IPO price range implies once they launch. I’m guessing well above NAV given their “tech-tilt” and new business verticals

Will also be interesting to see what the IPO free float size will be and how much demand they manage to drum up during the roadshow…all these factors will likely impact post-IPO direction of travel, liquidity and trading profile!

Interesting times ahead…

Thanks for sharing @Alfa and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

A very interesting video and shows the value that the right branding, marketing and message can bring!

I’m personally going to sit this one out and see what happens. As Harsh said, interesting times ahead though!